God, Speak to Me


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God speaks to me in springtime
When the earth is wet with dew
In the meadows and the prairies
As the grass comes poking through.

In the budding of a flower
On a bright and wondrous day
In the middle of a thunderstorm
As trees begin to sway.

God speaks to me in summer
When the sun is at its peak
In the marshes and the lowlands
As the frogs begin to creak.

In the chirping of a sparrow
On a calm and sultry morn
In the middle of a twilight sky
As day is being born.

God speaks to me in autumn
When the earth is turning brown
In the valleys and woodlands
As the leaves come tumbling down.

In the beauty that surrounds us
On a vast and rolling plain
In the middle of a harvest day
As barns are filled with grain.

God speaks to me in winter
When the frost is on the ground
In the forests and the mountains
As the flakes come swirling round.

In the presence of a full moon
On a cold and stormy night
In the middle of a country lane
When stars are shining bright.

God speaks to me in seasons
When a child is being born
In the middle of a wedding
As the vows are being sworn.

In the valley of the shadows
On a deathbed, I will flee
In the open arms of angels
As Jesus waits for me.

Written by: Marilyn Ferguson © 2005

Music: ‘Have Faith’ © Yuko Ohigashi

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