Remember Jesus On His Birthday


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Remember Jesus on His birthday.
Look at the bright star in the sky.
Think of the shepherds and The Wise Men.
Remember Mary and Joseph.
Please try.

Jesus made us in His image.
Your mirror is your soul to see.
Remember Christmas, The Son of God,
was brought to earth for you and me.

When you jump on Santa,
gifts under the tree,
sing ‘Silent Night’,
for Jesus let’s us come to be.

Remember Jesus on His birthday.
Love Him as He loves you.
A feast may be given.
Family and friends may be happy and gay,
Yet if Jesus did not die for us.
Eternal life, would not be will us today.

Remember Jesus on His birthday.
Look at the flowers, rainbows, and county,
all things beautiful, big and wide.
Jesus made all of these.

I will remember Jesus.
Every day that I live.
When it is time for His birthday,
I promise not to take but to give.

Written by: Linda Ann Henry
Do you remember me
The people’s poet

Music: ‘O Come All Ye Faithful’ © Yuko Ohigashi

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