Eternal Friend


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I would climb
the highest mountains
And swim the deepest seas
Searching for someone
like you…

You are the earth, the sea,
And the sky to me,
My world is made for you!

The stars smiled down on me
When I searched the heavens
From end to starry end,

And now that I’ve found you
I’ll hold you forever,
My sun, my stars,
My past, my future,
For eternity, my friend!

Submitted by: Peggy

Music: ‘Happy Days’ © Yuko Ohigashi

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  1. Lovely poem. The words are so intoxicating which remind of my friend Alden who has always been with me through thick and thin, was always by my side during moments of sorrow to dry my tears and to fulfil my most precious dreams. My dearest friend whose hand was always full with gifts…Oh my friend may god bless our friendship, may the bond between us grow stronger.
    Your everlasting friend Kobizzzz.


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