I Call You Friend


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Sometimes we walk through life,
Not even knowing where to go,
Without a destination, or knowing why,
Or with what kind of purpose…

We go through life, looking for something,
Though we don`t know what it is.
Suddenly along the way, we meet wonderful people,
“Those” who will change our lifes, in a way or another,
“Those” who will be there for us, to guide us in our
Way, “those” who will make life easier, just lending a
Hand, or a comforting shoulder to lean on…

Those people, who will always find a way to make us
Laugh, even when we see the world falling apart at our feet.
They will stand beside us, and will always be
Willing to cheer us up…

“Those” are the ones I call real friends…
And YOU are definitely one of them…
Thanks for being with me in the most troublesome parts
Of my life.

YOU were just what I was looking for,
I`m glad I found you…
I count on you; I hope you count on me….
From now on… I CALL YOU FRIEND.

Submitted by: Kate

Music: Unknown Author

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  1. This is so beautiful, the words are so touching and heartfelt. And the music goes with them perfectly.


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