Yesterday’s Tears


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Yesterday’s tears build a river,
Washing the soul of its pain…
Cleansing the heart and mind,
Like a gentle sweet spring rain.

When you feel you have cried your river
And the throat aches from tears shed
And the mind is exhausted from feeling
Or the heart feels it is now dead…

Raise your eyes to the skies and recall
How beautiful a full moon can be.
See the stars shining gently on us all,
And remember how good friends can be.

Call that friend you know is there,
Waiting to help you escape your pain,
The one who does not judge, but listens,
So you may one day love again!

Submitted by: Marsa

Music: ‘Without You’ © Yuko Ohigashi

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  1. Thank you & Blessed Be.
    Very True, just as “Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder”, I would say “Sorrow lies in the Mind & Thoughts. Painful? Yes, especially when one is unable to reach one’s beloved. Ah! Yes! sadly, I ran out of tears to shed due to the dried up well…BUT behold in the very depth of my Soul, there remains only Trust & Hope in the One Above All in whom I can rest assured in His embrace now & forever & ever.


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