Thank God For You


Thank God for you good friend of mine
Seldom is friendship such as thine
How very much I wish to be
As helpful as you’ve been to me.

When I recall from time to time
How you inspired this heart of mine,
I find myself inclined to pray,
God bless my friend this very day.

Of many prayer quests, one thou art
On whom I ask God to impart
Rich blessings from His storehouse rare
And grant to you His gracious care-
Thank God for you

So often at the throne of grace,
There comes a picture of your face.
And, then, instinctively, I pray
That God may guide you all the way.

Some day, I hope with you to stand
Before the throne, at God’s right hand
And say to you at journey’s end:
Praise God, you’ve been to me a friend!

Submitted by: Stacey
Edited by: Doug Crawford

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