A Christmas Candle


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May I light a Christmas candle
So it lights up in the night
Let me put it on my window
Where I see the stars so bright

May I wish on a Christmas candle
Say a prayer with all my heart
For every child, to have a special gift
For people to love them
Every day of their life

May I wish on a Christmas candle
As I watch the baby Jesus
And his mother watch her son
Joseph looking at the shepherds
The wise men on their knees
Bless this holy child who later
Died for us so we can live eternally

So may I wish on a Christmas candle
For a child, who once was me
Needing a special gift from God
To be where He wants me to be

May I wish on a Christmas Candle
To find a child in need
Help them to find themselves
As God has once helped me

I see the light shining in my window
And I blow a kiss in the night
May every child see God’s love
Where all things come to light

Written by: Linda Ann Henry
Do you remember me
The people’s poet

Music: ‘Winter Wonderland’ © Yuko Ohigashi



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