Just Believe


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Just believe in the little things, to help you get by
Just believe, tomorrow’s life will bring
Starlight to your eyes

Just believe in miracles, for they all come true
Maybe not the way we wish for them
But in God’s own time, they do

Just believe in songs from the heart
That each angel sings
Just believe that butterflies, are only angel’s wings

Just believe in things we cannot see
Holidays and bells that softly play
Christmas love that flies the world and angels to come true
Just believe, it can be done, then you will make it through

Just believe in goodness and sleigh rides,
All the night time Heavens, you will see the milky way
And the man in the moon, tonight
Just believe in magic and firework display
It can happen anytime, almost everyday

God gave us wisdom, He gave us wonders to behold
Just believe, even though heaven is so far away
The birth of Jesus can be told

Just believe and watch,
Nature come to be, in all the beautiful flowers
In the grass and on the trees
God’s art is ever turning, for those who see
If we just believe

Written by: Linda Ann Henry
Do you remember me
The people’s poet

Music: ‘O Come All Ye Faithful’ © Yuko Ohigashi



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