An Angel For My Son


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May you always have an angel by your side,
Watching out for you in everything you do,
Reminding you to believe in brighter days
And make your dreams come true.

Giving you hope for those lonely nights,
And someone there to catch you when you fall.
I wish I could be with you holding your hand,
And wipeing away your tears,

So I’m sending you an angel,
To take away your fears,
to guide you and protect you,
Though all the coming years.

So hurry home my dearest son,
however far you fly,
You’ll never be alone my son,
On earth or sea or sky.

My heart will travel with you,
until the war is done.
Then your angel will guide you safly home,
my child, my boy, my son.

Author: Alice Donatelli

Music: ‘I Can’t Say’ © Yuko Ohigashi

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