Help Me Lord


Give me your help Lord,
To live this one day.
One knot to unravel;
One problem to weigh.

One path to discover
To choose the right turn.

One worry to conquer;
One lesson to learn.

One moment of gladness
To overcome pain.
One glimpse of the sunlight;
One touch of the rain.

No one can see into tomorrow;
Will our fate be joy or sorrow?
So I’ll turn to your love

And with perfect trust say,

“Give me your help Lord
To Live this one day.”

Written by: Martha G. Holloway

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  1. Dear Lord God, I adore you.. Lord pleas help me to face every trials, Guide me Lord to the right path. and help me Lord to choose the right decision, I don’t want to regret. Bless me, guide me, and save me always. I need you Lord.

  2. My muscle ache for so many days of tension but thank you Lord for loving me and for helping my family through your people.. Lord please help my father heal him and give him another chance to live.. thank you lord for providing all our needs.. thank you God because you are our saviour.. ilove you Lord God and I need you…

  3. Lord Jesus Christ son of the living God, this morning i heard from my friend say, “I can do all things in Christ.” Lord, i am on the process of doing paper works dedicated in your name. Lord I acknowledge that whatever i do now is all for the Glory of your name. Yet I feel so hard up cause I only have 10 days left and there are more than two, Please Lord help me. i cannot do it without you. If you would only fill my mind and my heart with your wisdom then by the power of your Holy Spirit come Lord, Help me. AMEN!

  4. dear lord, help me please to be strong in everything. bless my family. i love them so much..give me strength to surpass all this trials. i love you lord..


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