If I had a Second Chance!


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I’d stop looking and start seeing,
And treat everyone as a human being.

I’d stop taking and start giving,
Stop hiding and start living.
I’d do more listening and a lot less talking,
Enjoy the world and do more walking.

I’d take my eyes off my watch
and watch with my eyes,
To notice the trees and the beautiful sky.

I’d stop criticizing and show more love,
Be less forgetful and give thanks up above.
I’d be less angry and swallow my pride,
And share with the world what I have inside.
I’d stop hating and be more kind,
And give a little more of my precious time.

I’d give more encouragement
and a lot more praise,
And do a lot less judging
for I too have lost my way.

I’d get my priorities in order and straight,
Better now than never Lord,
I’m just a bit too late.
I’d stop hopelessly chasing after the wind,
From this point on a new I begin.

I’d find my way back to the Lord’s humble grace,
With a vow never again to lose my place,
I’m changing my life and I’ve made a stance,
Oh Lord, what I wouldn’t give for a second chance.
It’s not the destination that counts in life
it’s the journey.

The journey with the people we love is all that really matters.
Such a simple truth so easily forgotten.

Submitted by: Jelise

Music: ‘Hope’ © Margi Harrell

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