Why You Should Always Follow Your Heart


I will tell you a story of my friend Monty Roberts.

When he was a kid, his father as a horse trainer was moving from stable to stable, from ranch to ranch, training horses. Thus, the boy‘s school career was constantly interrupted. One day, when he was a senior, a teacher asked him to write about what he wanted to be when he grew up. He did not hesitate a minute and wrote a seven-page paper about his aim to be an owner of a horse ranch. He wrote many details and drew a location of buildings and stables and even a detailed house plan.

Two days later he received his paper back with letter ‘F’ on the front page. After class he came to the teacher and asked, “Why did I receive an F?”

The teacher responded, “This dream is so unrealistic for a boy like you, who has no money, no resources and who comes from an itinerant family. There is no possibility that you will reach your great goals one day.“

Then the teacher offered the opportunity to rewrite the paper with a more realistic attitude.

The boy went home and asked his father how should he act. The father answered, “This decision is very important for you. So you have to makeup your own mind on this.”

After several days the boy brought the same paper to his teacher. No changes were made. He said, “Keep the ‘F’ and I will keep my dream.”

Now Monty Roberts owns a 4,000-square-foot house in the middle of a 200-acre horse ranch and he still has that school paper, which now is framed over the fireplace.

Remember, you have to follow your heart and never let anyone steal your dreams.

Submitted by: Christina



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