The Lord At My Window


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I saw the LORD at my window today
Coming to remind me there will come a day
When all my worries will fade away
And happiness will forever be here to stay.

I saw the LORD at my window today
Reminding me that come what may
HIS everlasting love will never stray
And HE will bring me through any dismay.

I saw the LORD at my window today
reminding me that HE is the way
No matter what HE is here to stay
And HIS unconditional love will keep evil at bay.

HE showed me a place with a golden walkway
A place with happiness and laughter and no dismay
And an unconditional love that will never stray
When I saw the LORD at my window today.

Submitted by: Pamela Firkins
Copyrighted by: Pamela Firkins 3-01-08

Music: ‘With Love’ © Yuko Ohigashi


  1. God response is slow but sure, we must beleive in our faith and trust with our whole heart and never stop praying to him cause in his time he will grant us what we ask of him. Jesus is king of kings and i honour him truly.


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