Good Morning Beautiful


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Good morning beautiful
You ask, How was my night?
It was lonely and sad
No one to hold me tight…

Awake half the night
I felt so cold and alone
Without you by my side
I had to call you on the phone…

I know you’re far away
I can’t stand being without you
Time goes by so slowly
I just don’t know what to do..

My Darling, I miss you too
I often dream of your smile
Nothing can keep us apart
I’ll be home in a little while…

I miss making love to you
Holding my girl so tender
Tasting your kisses so sweet
Taking your love as you surrender..

I miss making love to your mind
Telling you what I want to do
Holding you back and watching
As you give to me, all of you..

I love watching you
As you take complete control
Showing me how much you need me
You give to me your very soul..

I love getting lost
In your womenly charms
As you surrender your love to me
I love holding you in my arms…

So know I am missing you
I will be home very soon
We will make love all night
Under the stars and moon…

I have to go now my love
Keep your love safe for me
As you dream of me tonight
Inside of you is where I will be..

Hurry home my love
With you is where I need to be
I will be waiting for you
Dreams of you making love to me…

Submitted by: Tanya

Music: ‘Where I Belong’ © Bruce Deboer

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