Make Me A Wish


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Make me a wish and I will ask God to let it come true
Make me a wish and by birthday candies will bring me you
Make me a wish, you can remember so much more your love comes from Heaven. You are my all

Make me a dream, I can see you so clear
I have never forgotten you,
Although it has been so many years
Your face is so beautiful, your eyes still shine
God send me to you to brighten our time.

Make me a wish, in your arms I smile
It does not matter
If it will be just a while
Make me a tear so I can cry with you
Love me forever
As I always loved you

Let me kiss your cheek and give you a hug
It may never happen again to me from above Dear one,
hold me close to your heart
I thank God For this Heaven He imparts

Make me a wish and I will blow out my candles
My life comes in flashbacks, From where we began

Make me a wish, I will come to you again
I know God in Heaven Will not let the way we feel come to an end.

Written by: Linda Ann Henry ©
Do you remember me
The people’s poet

Music: ‘You and Me’ © Yuko Ohigashi

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