My Gentle Love


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You’re all I need
My gentle love ~ My gentle man
I reach out to you
You gently take my hand..

Your words caress my soul
Heal a heart in need of love
You take me all the way
Handing me all the stars above…

Unselfishly you speak
Soothing words to my soul
Taking my breath away
Making me feel more beautiful..

You’re the one I run to
When life throws me away
You bring me to reality
When I feel like a stray…

You touch this heart
My soul you manage to keep
Sometimes I want to run away
Your love is beautiful ~ so deep..

You touch the inner most parts
Where pain has taken over inside
Bringing back to life this love
A heart I thought I had to hide…

You’re all I need
My gentle love ~ My hearts friend
You reached out to me
To show me love once again…

Written by: Judy Costea ©2006

Music: ‘Mi Amor’ © Yuko Ohigashi



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