A Soul Mate


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Two minds together as one
From the beginning of day
Until the night is done.
Knowing the other like oneself,
Connected in the mind today and forever,
Loving the other completely
And ceasing to love never.
A soul mate that is.

A mile or thousands of miles
May separate with distance
Longer than is the Nile
But no matter how far your soul mate is,
You are close and together in the heart;
In tune and close are the spirits,
“‘Til death do us part.”
A soul mate that is.

Submitted by: Joyce

Music: ‘I Can’t Say’ © Yuko Ohigashi


  1. My God is an awesome God to allow us to experience the Agape love of a true soulmate. It is a gift from Heaven above. I love you Jamie Willoughby forever my angel. Thank you God for my soulmate!

  2. It’s so wonderful to hear of your agape love for one another as a soulmate has for one another; And to also hear that you share God’s love, the one that gave you your awesome gift of one another. God bless you both! I thank God every day for my Agape love of my soulmate. There’s nothing else like it in the world.

  3. You are so right , I love it because it is so true because your true soul mate is hard to find but as long as you have faith in God he will do the rest for you!


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