Let Me Simply Be Your Friend


I’d like to capture a rainbow
and stick it in a big box
so that,
anytime you wanted to,
you could reach in and pull out
a piece of sunshine. I’d like to build you a mountain
that you could call your very own-
a place to find serenity
in those times when you
feel the need to be
closer to yourself.

I’d like to be the one
who’s there with you when you’re
lonely or troubled
or you just need
to hold on to…

I’d like to do this and more
to make your life happy.

But sometimes
it isn’t easy to do
the things I’d like to do
or give the things I’d like to give.

So…until I learn to
catch rainbows and build mountains,
let me do for you
that which I know best…

…Let me simply be your friend.

Submitted by: Polly

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  1. great poem! i don’t ever encounter this kind of simple message has more good meaning for us! thanks for this


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