I Wish…


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I wish that I could cause the sun
To warm the world with love
Remove the clouds a moment
To reveal the stars above.

I wish that I could wipe that tear
From the corner of your eye
Bring happiness for your sorrow
Bring a smile for your sigh.

I wish that I could better things
Put hope within your heart
Make today the best you’ve had
Right from its very start

I wish that I were able
To make your dreams come true
I wish I could
Do all these things for you.

Submitted by: Sandra

Music: ‘I Can’t Say’ © Yuko Ohigashi

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  1. that was beautiful.made me cry..lost my only son a little over a year ago.he was 50. made me think of him.

  2. its quite cool.evrything in life is always a wish.its good to wish so that the wish can always come true when one believes.


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