God’s Dark


The Dark is kind and cozy,
The Dark is soft and deep,
The Dark will pat my pillow
And love me as I sleep.

The Dark is smooth as velvet,
And gentle as the air,
And he is good to children
And people everwhere.

The Dark can see and love me
Without a bit of light,
He gives me dreams and resting,
He brings the gentle Night.

God made the Dark, so Daytime
Could close its tired eyes
And sleep awhile in comfort
Beneath the starry skies.

The Daytime, just like children,
Needs rest from work and play,
So it can give us children
Another happy day.

God made the Dark for children
And birdies in their nest,
All in the Dark, He watches
And guards us while we rest.

Author: John Martin
Sumitted by: Sammy



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