Here Am I, O Lord, Yours To Command


Here am I, O Lord, yours to command,
And all I ask…please take my hand
And lead me through the wilderness,
And make my pain a little less!
The choice is yours, as it should be.
My gift is small…It’s only me!

Grant me the strength to bear my grief,
And the wisdom to understand
That this is just a resting place,
And not the promised land.

When the seedless fruits I’ve sown
Lie dormant in the ground,
Give me the surge of faith I need
To build success around.

He gave you life…It’s yours to live.
And what have you, my friend, to give?

It’s spring and I, like the blossoms, must fade,
And strange as it seems, I walk unafraid!
His kindness and mercy have taught me the way;
This morning I thanked Him for just one more day!

Author: Marilyn Weller



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