What Does Your Love Mean To Me


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What does your love mean to me?
I’d give you the oceans and the seas
I’d give you all eternity if I could
Make life easy for you, I would.

I would take away all your pain
Bring you sunshine instead of rain
I would take all your hurt away
Your sky would never be gray.

I would offer you the moon and stars
But you see I can’t, they are not ours
All these things I would give to you
But My Darling, these things I can’t do.

I only have my love to offer you
A love that would always be true
I love you more than you will ever know
With all I do for you, I hope that it shows.

I hope that my love will be enough for you
Bring you happiness your whole life through
And In the end when my time is due
My Darling, I will still go on loving you.

Written by: Judy Costea ©2005
used with permission

Music: ‘Ice Dance’ © Yuko Ohigashi


  1. beutyful poem! and after 46 years of marriage our love grew much stronger thru sorrows of losing our children and peac and love rule our lives now
    by the grace and mercy of our GOD!


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