A Wonderful Mother


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Mom, there are so many moments
when I wish you knew… how much you
matter to me, and how much I thank you
for being such a wonderful mother.

If there is happiness in my heart,
it’s because you helped put it there.
If there is gentleness in my beliefs,
it’s because you showed me how to care.
If there is understanding in my thinking,
it’s because you shared your wisdom.
If there is a rainbow over my shoulder,
it’s because of your outlook and your vision.
If there is a knowledge that I can reach out and
I really can make some dreams come true, it’s
because I learned from the best teacher of all.
I learned… from you.

In the times of my life, whether we
are near or far, please remember, Mom,
that there could never be any mother
more wonderful… than the one you are.

Submitted by: Paula

Music: ‘Your Smile’ © Yuko Ohigashi



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