A Prayer For The Strength To Reach Out For Help


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I don’t want to be a burden, God. I certainly don’t want pity. But I can no longer do it all alone.
Help me, God. Teach me not to be afraid to rely upon others. Show me how to accept kindness, how to ask for help. Teach me, God, that my children still love me even though they’re grown.

I still have so much to offer, God. Help me find the ways to transmit my wisdom, to share my love, to realize my talents, to offer my reassurance and support.
Most of all, I place my trust in You, God; I place my body and soul in Your hands, and pray that You will be with me. Amen.

Submitted by: Terresa

Music: ‘On A Distant Shore’ © Yuko Ohigashi


  1. This is usually the prayer of a senior citizen like me. In the twilight of our lives, we do not want to be a burden but we need help & we still can help & give of ourselves too. I pray that my children will love me enough to care for me in my old age as I cared for them in their childhood & up to now.


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