God, I Thank You


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God, I thank you for the place where no
one goes but you and I; for the secret field,
the tree, the rock, the corner in the house
where I may go and find myself again and,
in finding me, find you.

What longed-for-peace creeps in upon my heart,
when hidden in this secret place, I listen to
the silence and shortly lose that tightness
that held me fast, unhappy and afraid

In time I find I can look around at your quiet
things, the leaf so very near my head, the lines
on the board beneath my feet, or the bird that
scolds a bit because I am here, and flies away.

And when I’ve looked at those a while and rested
in the hush, I know that you are near
and I can find myself again.

Written by: BJ.Morbitzer
Poem used with permission

Music: ‘Memories’ © Margi Harrell

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  1. i;ll thank GOD so much because his so Good to me in life,GOD thank you so much for given me a chance to change my life to change me..everything.i’m luck to have you in my life..you my saviour..your my LORD..your the king of king GOD..i love you LORD..thank you for loving us..and thank you for always beside Us LORD.


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