Give Thanks


For all that GOD, in mercy, sends
For health and children, homes and friends
For comfort in the time of need
For every kindly word and deed
For happy thoughts and holy talk
For guidance in our daily walk
For everything give thanks!

For beauty in this world of ours
For verdent green and lovely flowers
For song of birds, for hum of bees
For the refreshing summer breeze
For hill and plain, for stream and wood,
For the great ocean’s mighty flood
For everything give thanks!

For the sweet sleep which comes with night
For the returning morning’s light
For the bright sun that shines on high
For the stars glittering in the sky —
For these and everything we see
O Lord, our hearts we life to Thee
For everything give thanks!

Author Unknown

Music by: Unknown Composer

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  1. Really i do not know how to say Thanks …Because your each and every words are very blessful for me I Love Jesus and i am Love of Christ


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